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Square Nail Heads

Luscious blue velvet pillow, embellished with a trim band, surrounded by two chocolate micro cords, and square nail heads in center.

Fabrics That Wow

This Fabricut  fabric is  so striking!  It is 2 layers  with one layer that looks as though it is laser cut  and sewn on top of the other fabric.

Small Flange

It might be small, but it is such a beautiful touch to pillows and more.

With Love,

This whimsical bedding starts with a custom comforter quilted  to  the diamond pattern fabric and is finished off with over  120  hand tied satin ribbons at each diamond intersection. Custom pillows  flank the bed. However, the cherry on top is the irregular heart shaped pillow in the center of the bed.

Exotic Elegance

You don't always have to create beautiful bedding from scratch.  In some cases you buy a quality  neutral coverlet and add custom pillows. Such was the case here I made custom shams, pillows, bolster, and foot warmer to create a look that looks completely custom.

Fairy Dust Sprinkled Throughout

From the custom bedding and glider seat cushions to the glittered sheers with hand tied ribbon, these are the details that make us feel as if we have been touched by the fairy's dust.

Exquisite Elegance

Embroidered silk, soft velvet, sophisticated patterns,  brush ribbon trim, micro cording, and  crystal tassels can only result in one thing-luscious custom bedding!

A Seat For A Queen

Chenille stripe seat cushion with elaborate tassel trim on boxing band, flanked by custom silk pillows.

Center Support

Custom designed  floating drapery hardware from Helser Brothers.

Even Buttons Can Be Embellished

With Finestra Drapery  Button Borders, you can take something  simple and give it pizazz.

Sleek Modern

Drapery Hardware  in chrome with crystal finials from Fabricut and
drapes pleated to pattern with a Euro pleat.

Cover up

No one likes to see the open sides of a mock roman shade!  By  creating a pattern matched return, you hide some of the unsightly inner hardware.

Crisp and Clean

Keep inverted pleat corners crisp and controlled with my exclusive technique.

The Finishing Touch to a Bed

A "foot warmer"  is a perfect way to add a punch of color  to a classic coverlet.

The Sum Of it All

Each selection of each item is chosen for a thoughtful reason. The desire is to make each treatment complement with the designed space.

Spring has Sprung

The client wanted to brighten up her bedding, for winter had past.  By bringing in buttercup, teal, and taupe fabrics, we are able to achieve her every desire with a  custom made foot warmer, king shams, and an accent pillow.