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Soft Sophistication

This beautiful living room was transformed  by the simple, but classic drapery panels.

Tweed Texture

Fabrics not only add dimension to a space, but they can unify the whole look of a room.

Custom Perfect Pleats

To get these pleats to hang the way we desired, I explored with some mock up options and then added some " tricks" to get the lead edge to curve back towards the wall.

Drapery Detail

Small details, like the 1/2"  dark  flange band,  create a delicate but  striking statement.

Color Blocked

This versatile style drape can be made in so many ways.  Here we did a linen in cream and cocoa with a 1/2" band  in dark gray.

Hotel at Home

Room Darkening Treatments were the request for this room.  Blackout Ripplefold drapes on a traversing rod  were on the large window and a motorized blackout shade was hung  hidden behind the cornice.

Where's the Stitch?

These ripplefold drapes are fabricated with a unique technique, so that the drapes have a clean and sleek look.

Grommet to Pattern

Note how all the grommets are located in the same place of the unbalanced stripe.  You can't always pleat to pattern, but one  should always try...that is why we call it "Custom"!

Hang it High

Ceiling mount is a great option when you have limited space to install a treatment.

Room Continuity

Using similar fabrics, but in different  style window treatments,  helps create a unifying flow throughout the  home.


Today grommets and rods come in so many colors, that you can color coordinate both if you should choose.  This was from Design Elements Group in Brushed  Nickel.

Wool Flannel

This fabric  from Robert Allen was such a pleasure to work with and made into  beautiful ripplefold drapes for this huge glass window.

Nantucket Charm

To add color and soften the space, stationary embroidery drapery panels hanging from chrome rods with crystal finials were the finishing touch this space needed.

Louis XV Style

Ornate details and opulent fabrics create this one of a kind look.

Swing By The Chandelier

In order to get to the windows behind the shutters,  these necklace swags and drapes were hung from Amore  swing arm drapery hardware.

Putting On The Glitz

With so many beautiful trims available, why not add an understated touch of  elegance.  This Samuel and Son's Ajoure Beaded Border was the finishing touch to taking something from simple to Wow!

Let there be light

But please soften my boxy  windows....Solution -2 story  stationary sheer linen like drapes hanging from 2" wood drapery hardware  and pulled back with medallions.

Luscious Luminous

Different fabrics play off lighting differently.  This polyester fabric had a beautiful opalescence that blended beautifully with the decor.

Stripe It Rich

These masculine stripe silk drapes are fabricated with an angle top.  This allows the drapes to all break on the floor the same distance when pulled back.

Rustic Chic

To keep with the natural feel of this room, we used a linen like slubbed  sheer. The angled drapes  were hung from natural stained  wood medallions.

Wine and Dine

To create more ambiance in this private wine room,  layers of rich colors with simple patterns were used on these traversing  sheers and drapes.

Pleat me to pattern, Please

Extra attention to details and perfect placement of each snap results in beautifully executed Ripplefold drapes in a rich  embroidery linen fabric.

Pure Perfection

Using a 100% poly linen like fabric, soft blackout lining, and sewing a memory stitch to the back  of the drapes created  these perfect stationary ripplefold panels.

Mixing Fabrics

Unifying a look can be tricky when other patterns exist.  In this case, the selection of the window treatment fabric had to complement with the rug and pillow fabrics.




The "Center" piece

A floating drapery holdback designed by Finishing Touches holds the drapes in the center of the window without compressing the fine details down the lead edges. The  Drapery hardware was fabricated by  Helser Brothers.

Playful Pleating

Fabric can be transformed into works of art.  For this baby's room, I pleated the fabric to this pattern and then inserted a pink button in the middle of every circle.